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Monday, May 9, 2011

One a Day in May - Day 9 - Moose Poo Paper Card

It's coming into tourist season so I'm getting started on my moose poo card production.  I made this card today using moose poo paper that I made last fall.  My photograph of the moose is printed on hand made plant fibre paper coated with digital medium.

My daughter-in-law gave me a box of moose poo for Mother's Day so I have a good start.  I found a few more deposits over the past few days that I'll gather when I have some time on the weekend and then I'll get busy making paper.

If you're interested in the process of making paper from moose poo, look in the tutorials under Making handmade paper from plants.


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  2. I'm convinced you should open an etsy site called simply moosepoo, it's not only beautiful paper, but it's one of those unique items people just have to buy to participate in the experience! There is a book or at the least a Stampington opportunity here writing about getting moose poo for a Mother's Day gift....think about it! I love the photo and this card, Liz! (edited 'cause my first post said birthday instead of Mom's Day, Mom's Day makes even more of a unique gift....lovin' it!)

  3. Thanks, Pat! You're right. It never hurts to try.


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