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Thursday, May 5, 2011

One a Day in May - Day 5

I used to agonize over the design of every card I made, trying hard to make each one different from the last.  But many years and many hundreds of cards later, I realized that at $7 or $8 a piece, each one did not have to be an original design.  Okay, I realized it, but I still agonize.  It's my nature!
Pressed pansies and viola on handmade gladiola paper.


  1. Gorgeous, are you adding these to your etsy shop as you create? And each one IS original, it's handmade by you and each flower is it's own miracle! :)

  2. Not these ones, Pat, cause I'm low at the Artisan Centre but I'm going to try to catch up everywhere over this next couple of weeks.


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