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Friday, September 2, 2011

Suncatchers and New Self Portrait

I reluctantly decided it was time to update my blog photo.  So after probably more than 50 attempts at a self portrait, here is the one that I chose.  My good friend said that the reason photographs after a certain age are never as flattering as we would like is because you can't see our personalities...the stuff that makes us sparkle in person.  Of course I would rather look like I did at 40 but hey, I'm alive and healthy and excited about what comes next and as they say, it's better than the alternative!

What I really came on here to post about was this gorgeous suncatcher I received from my friend, Peggy, aka PalsCreations on Etsy.   Our wonderful group, Piecemakers Mosaic Artists, recently did a suncatcher exchange where each of us made a suncatcher for the person above us on the list.  Peggy created this beautiful mixed media suncatcher for me.  The bird in the centre is done with glass and alcohol inks and the frame is mixed media under more glass.  Grout is used to tie the whole piece together.  I love it!  Thanks, Peggy!
Backlit hanging in my window
Without backlighting
And here's the one I did for Sandy (BeadedGlass on Etsy).
Stained glass on a clear glass backing with black grout.
To see more, go the the Piecemaker's blog here.  Lots to look at and very soon (as soon as everyone has received their suncatchers), you can see photos of everyone's contributions.  Can't wait!