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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One a Day in May - Day 17 - Deja Vu Winter!

This was my morning commute!  I stopped the car to take the picture but I was only going 30 kilometres per hour.  The roads were treacherous!  Since almost everyone has traded in their winter tires for their summer wheels it was a pretty hairy trip in to work today.  Good thing I'm a procrastinator and still have on my winter tires!

We had 4 inches of snow by the time the day was over and the power was out most of the day.

I completed 8 more moose poo cards this evening.


  1. Great "Day 17." That snow looks awful. I can't believe you had more snow. And, as always, I love the moose poo cards.

  2. Oh dear, looks like your weather is much worse than ours here in Finland - we have just cold rain and heavy wind today, but no snow, for which I'm grateful. I really hope your weather stays better now, and that you'll have lots of wonderful spring days. - Your cards are fantastic!


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