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Monday, October 13, 2014

Of Bees and Trees!

Two weeks until my show!  I will be having a showing of my encaustic paintings at the Smithers Art Gallery from October 28th through November 26th.  I'm nervous and excited!  I'll be sharing the gallery with feature artist, Leif Ostlund, a magnificent oil painter!  I'm looking forward to seeing his work in person.

My work will be shown in the part of the gallery known as the mini gallery.  It's in the main gallery room but it's a dedicated space that is a bit less intimidating to fill than the larger display area.  We'll be hanging the show on the 26th.  I have lots of new works ready for this show and now I'm working on some smaller pieces and some encaustic cards.  I'll share what I've been doing once the show has been hung and I can breathe again.

Opening night is Saturday, November 1st from 7-9 pm.