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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Etsy Shop is Open!

After a 6 week 'Vacation,' my Etsy Shop, LizAnnasOnTheLake, is open for business.  I had some local card sales that depleted my stock and we just started a local Artisan Centre so I had some replenishing to do.

I'm going to try to be a little more creative with my backgrounds.  My little Nikon Coolpix takes pretty good pictures but it's hard to gauge the colour balance because each computer monitor is different.

I've tried adjusting the colour on my home computer to get it closer to the real thing but when I look at the same picture on my work computer, it is way too garish!  So for now, I'm not adjusting and I just hope that what you see is what I hope you see.

I've heard other people say that it's very hard to get a true purple.  They tend to look very blue which is especially problematic when so many of my pressed flowers are purple.

There have been some great posts on the Etsy forums about photographing pieces so I just keep trying to absorb as much as I can.  I really appreciate all the generous tips from fellow Etsians.  Any feedback is welcome!


  1. On my monitor the pansies look bluish, the purple is the color of the single small flower in the right top corner of the 2nd photo. But I don't know how you will ever be able to compensate for other monitors. I found my banner to be almost illegible on my work computer, and it's so "perfect" on my home computer. Made me realize I have to re-do my etsy shop banner to of these days. But no matter what color the violets are showing up on a monitor they are outstandingly colorful, not garish here, wonderful cards!

  2. The whole photography thing is such a pain! You are wise to try and use more creative ways of photographing your items for Etsy. Your pics look pretty good, and generally most items look better in person anyway. As long as you make them look as close to the real thing as possible.
    I dread the photographing part :-(

  3. Thanks for your comments, Pat and Betty! The purples are the worst. Doesn't seem to be a way of getting around the blue in them. And now I have a new blue pansy that really is a gorgeous royal blue colour and that will make it even more confusing (it will probably photograph purple LOL!)

  4. So gorgeous. Is the card in the second photo available? I really want to buy it. You can convo me at my etsy shop.

  5. I really love these pictures! It's so hard to balance color, and it's also difficult to pick a background or photo prop that shows your item off well without detracting from it. But I think you've really chosen some good backgrounds here, and they only add to the beauty of your cards!

  6. Your cards and your photography are beautiful!

  7. Oooh, I love these new cards and they are photographed so beautifully, Liz-Anna! In fact, your blog is just gorgeous! The pansies are showing up a deep indigo on my monitor.

  8. wonderful cards & photos! Looks great


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