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Friday, June 18, 2010

Join the party!

It's time for the 2nd annual "Where Bloggers Create" party, hosted by Karen Valentine from My Desert Cottage.  Hang out here for a bit and take a tour of my studio.  I have to admit that I spruced it up a bit for the party.  I hope you pick up a few ideas for your own creative space.
This is what I'm pretending my desk looks like when I'm working on my art.

Please come back and visit after the tour.  At least once a month, I'll offer another free art or craft tutorial.  I enjoy a wide range of interests and I love to teach so it felt right to use this blog to share what I've learned .  I don't anticipate running out of material for quite some time.  And in between, I'll share some other bits and pieces of my world.

This is what my desk really looks like when I'm in the middle of a project!

I think I enjoy organizing my studio almost as much as I enjoy making art.  Every time I buy a new issue of "Where Women Create" or "Studios" I get the urge to reorganize.  I wish those publications would come out more often, but then I may never do any actual creating.  I have a feeling that before this party is over, I'll be tweaking my space once again!

My mixed media - art area.  I love this big old drafting table.

Our home is still under construction but my studio is finished.  We were still eating outside and cooking on the barbecue the first summer we moved in but my studio was ready!  It's a good size, about 16' x 17' but I had to do some creative editing with my furniture.  In my mind it all fit but not so in reality.

Stained glass, mosaic and jewelry-making zone.  I got that wonderful filing cabinet at an auction and I think I would have bid to the moon, if I had to, to get it.  The workbench is from Canadian Tire.  Old plastic milk crates hold my glass pieces.

I enjoy variety so I have a lot of different tools and supplies to accommodate.  I like things to be organized and have their place but it's important that they are accessible.   I started out trying to make everything pretty but soon realized that it wouldn't stay pretty for long if I could never find what I needed, where it was needed, so function eventually beat form.  I still strive for a balance though, as I enjoy an aesthetically pleasing space to create in.

All of my supplies are within easy reach but everything has a place (I don't always put things back just because they have a place!).  This is also where I blog.

Card stock and special papers conveniently reside in a basket and in a metal upright letter file near my art supplies.

These little drawers are perfect for all kinds of drawing tools, applicators and paints.   I got the corner units that all my mediums sit on for just $5 each when they were discontinued at Michaels.

This little 6 drawer flat file unit is from Ikea.  It's perfect for punches and stamps.

The pots that hold my paint brushes were made years ago by a dear friend who passed away last year.  The wooden caddies that hold templates, cutters and miscellaneous tools are from Ikea.

This wonderful old wooden pop caddy was a birthday gift from my best friend last year.  We share a passion for old things (must be why we like each other so much!).

More art supplies are stored in this unit from Costco.

Another auction find.  I spray painted this old gray flat file and it's perfect for storing my pressed flowers and all kinds of collage bits as well as larger sheets of paper.  Old boxes hold my bulkier collage elements.

Shallow wooden boxes from the dollar store hold my pressed flowers, leaves and bits of ephemera.

My wet zone where I dye fabric, make handmade paper, and create my soaps, body butters and lip balms.  I love those plastic shoe boxes for holding all sorts of materials.

My precious collection of art and craft books.  I got these cubbies from a school that was renovating many years ago and they are so perfect for small canvases, handmade papers, and smaller frames, as well as reference materials.
I store larger canvases and frames on top of this armoire.

 My sewing supplies and fabric fill the inside.  The $5 hanging shoe caddy works well for small baskets to hold my notions.

My sewing machines and serger are handy to the armoire.   The round wooden sewing box was my mom's as was the sewing machine cabinet.  I like it that I can open it up for more space when I'm sewing but it doesn't take up much space in the meantime. 
The cd/video storage shelf is from Ikea and I use it to store all my reference photos for my artwork in blank clear cases that I picked up for 25 cents each.

This little unit was an antique store find last weekend.  It's in the hallway outside my studio and is great for storing my smaller items that are waiting to be sold on Etsy or elsewhere.  I was using the armoire, which made a perfect "store" but in my last reorganization, it became the sewing centre because I moved the workbench to my previous sewing area. 

Even though I have a lot of stuff to accommodate, I like having plenty of free floor space so I can move around and add a folding table if I need to.  Keeping that floor space free is an ongoing challenge.  The floor itself is laminate because what I would do to hardwood would make me cry.

Before you go, I would be so pleased if you would leave a comment.

 As my mother-in-law always said, "Here's your hat...what's your hurry!" but you're going to want to check out as many of the other bloggers' studios as possible.  Don't worry about missing out, though.  The links will be up for a while yet so spread the word.


  1. Liz, your studio is amazing! I love all the different work areas devoted to one particular art =) the space is so useable, you've done a fantastic job!
    I've just gotten my own studio space & I'm in the middle of working everything out.. it's such an odd shaped room so it's taking a while =)

    My favourite thing about yours though, has to be those incredible views! They must inspire you all day long - & the result is amazing.. your paper looks like a woven fabric, it's beautiful! Thankyou so much for sharing this with us (^_^)

    Chloe x

  2. Wow, Liz! This is almost like a craft mega store. You have everythimg and a place for everything.And lovely views too! I am impressed.

  3. I am in awe of your gorgeous view, too, Liz. That studio space is fabulous! You have really found some wonderfully interesting pieces for storage. Thanks for sharing your creative world with us!

  4. I always love touring your wonderful space! SO much fantastic storage & great view

  5. What a marvellous studio - so much space and storage. And that view! Ah, now I'm trying not to get a bit envious, hehe! :)

  6. oh wow! liz-Anna, I'm drooling over you fabulous & very organized space, can i move in? lol

  7. What a great studio space and such a fabulous view!
    I'm glad to hear you got your priorities straight by getting the studio done first, lol!

  8. What an awesome studio! An organized place for all sorts of creative endeavors! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thankyou for sharing all these wonderful drawers and containers and what they have in them! That made it fun and inspiring to visit your sweet spot! I love that you have so many interests. Nice to meet you!

  10. Your space is amazing!!! I'm loving (lusting after, really) all your great storage, and that drafting table looks like such a wonderful place to spread out!

  11. What a great creative space! Love the views! Must be very inspiring!
    Queen Bee Studio

  12. Your studio is wonderful. You are so organized and your work is beautiful. I love the bleeding heart painting on this page.

  13. Wow, what a great creative space! So well organized. Love your storage units. So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  14. Wow! I'll say it again! Your studio is amazing! I just love those old auction finds you store your flowers in! I need one one or two of those! Congrats!!

  15. A super fantastic space. Love all the different zones. tfs

  16. Amazing Liz-Anna! I loved being introduced to your creative space. It looks like a little piece of Heaven to me. Thank-you so much for sharing!

  17. What a great studio you have! You are SO organized! I need to learn that lesson from you! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your work space and into your world! When you have time, drop by my blog for a visit!


  18. I LOVE your beautifully organized space. I wish mine were the same! You have inspired me.

  19. It's so nice to see familiar faces here as well as some new visitors! Thank you for stopping in.

  20. I have, believe it or not, an under utilized side table thingy, and I need to clean out the closet, so you gave me a bunch of ideas. Thanks!

  21. What a wonderfully creative space!

    I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

  22. Wow!
    Your paper is heavenly!
    Your studio space looks like an art school to me- I love it!
    Thanks for having us over!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  23. Hello:

    It's lovely to meet another B.C. girl! I adore your studio, with all it's storage spaces. I particularly love your flat file cabinet. I definitely need one of those for all my paper!

    I've signed up to follow and will come visit again. You might want to check out my little studio space, if you get a chance. Isn't this studio tour the best idea? As a fairly new blogger, I had no notion there was so much to see and do in blogland. I'm quite taken with the design of your blog, BTW.

    Thanks for the tour...


  24. Great Studio! Love your handmade paper. You have the same blog template as me!

  25. Wow Liz......fellow B.C.- ite.......i really love your's so organized! Can i come and live with you? I love how everything has a place and has been well thought out.
    Where in B.C. Do you live? I live in Surrey - White Rock border.

    Thanks for stopping by my studio.
    Love, Violette

  26. This is a really great posting! Makes me want to play with you; the space "cleaned up really is too humid to even think here right now.

  27. Hi Liz-Anna!

    Visiting here :O)
    I like your studio and works :)

  28. Your organizational skills are impressive! I hope some that rubs off on me just from reading about it!

  29. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for leaving all your nice comments.

    I'm still working on visiting everyone so if I haven't visited your studio yet, I will soon. Thanks for dropping by!

  30. Wow, what a wonderful space, you have a spot for everything. That was a real treat, seeing your space. Hmm, maybe I should get busy and get organized.

  31. You have a great room for creating and dreaming. I love how you have it all set up and everything is just where you need it!


  32. hi liz,

    wow! i thought i had a lot of different things going on at once! you do it all and do it well!

    your space is fantastic - i wish i could have a space for everything within easy reach.
    i did get quite a few ideas from your studio...hopefully i can figure out how to make them work in my little room

    oh, maybe your schizophrenic cat could meet our scizophrenic cat...



  33. I love your studio and I know exactly what you mean about the re-organizing. I've had to stop about 10 times during this party to move things around - LOL! Thank you for sharing.

  34. Your studio is wonderful! I'm glad to see you have priorities in order! LOL! That drafting table is wonderful and the natural light that fills the room is pure heaven. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    My Desert Cottage

  35. You are one lucky woman. If only I could convince Donald to brave Canadian winters :) I love your space, and your view is incredible. You really make me miss my second home, I actually have tears in my eyes. Your work is absolutely beautiful. I will be back often.

  36. My dearest Beauty and Beast,

    Thank you so much for sharing your studio with us and providing such a wonderful tour. All kinds of places to climb up on and drawers to play in! Love your studio!!!! "She" laughed when reading that the studio was finished even when the rest of the house wasn't - purrhaps your human and mine are related because I know that it would be that way here too...MOL

    Thanks so much for your kind words and visitiny my blog!!!



  37. It is a wonderful studio. I thought I had lots of drawers, but your room has tons and tons of drawer space. Thanks for visiting my blog. come back and get in on the giveaway that I am having in honor of my new little grandson. Just scroll down past the 'Where bloggers create' posts and you will find it.
    I would love to have you enter.

  38. Liz!!! I love your studio! So much room and floor space to move around! I love every nook and cranny! You have the greatest finds from thrift stores and the likes. I am a thrift store addict...heehee. So funny as a kid...I never wanted to go in one when my mom would find little odds and ends there. I couldn't understand why she wanted to use other peoples stuff! Ha! That's it is that I get all my lace and some wooden pieces from there! Mom would laugh if she were here!
    Thanks for your comment on my studio and blog! I am following you too!! And thanks for grabbing my button! Many smiles and hugs! Lovey

  39. A place for everything and everything in it's place..terrific studio and those cabinets...drool drool. TFS.

  40. Liz, I so enjoyed seeing your creative space and how you've made a place for everything. Love your new antique cabinet find! I want to come create with you, LOL!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog about my bears and creative space. So glad you dropped in for a visit!

    Debora, New Avenue Crew

  41. wonderful well thought out room~i'm like you, tweeking my room when i've read all these blogs :)

  42. Love your studio. You have many "sections" to your space as I will. I hope to organize mine as well as you did. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

  43. Hello Liz- Anna,
    thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment!
    As for the tidy studio ;)), I'd suggest you to consider spending 10-15 minutes a day to tidy up (especially your desk/s and floor) and a whole morning/afternoon a month for some 'serious' cleaning, tossing everythig you need to, organizing WIPs, supplies and so on. It is very doable (for your reference, I work from home and I do all the housekeeping by myself). Hope this helps!
    Lovely, lovely studio! I enjoyed the tour!

  44. What a great studio!! I loved seeing your style...and your work. Thanks so much for sharing. I love the blue pitcher painting.

  45. Great studio! You have some great organization ideas there. Thank you for the tour!

  46. Really practical studio. Really organized.
    Thankyou for sharing

  47. Hi, Liz-Anna! I enjoyed seeing your space and how you keep things, too. it's always fascinating to get a glimpse into another creative-type's world.

    Thank you for your lovely comments about my bears and my work space! I am so glad you like my bears and that you dropped in to visit. Come back anytime!

    ~Debora, New Avenue Crew

  48. Love your studio! So much light and you are so organized! My favorite thing is that old Pepsi box full of handmade paper scraps - I am an official Diet Pepsi-holic and handmade paper is my most favorite thing in the whole world! I recently bought a kit with different sized frames, a book on making paper, and a blender to try my hand at paper making. Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  49. Love those doors and all that light! It looks like you have such a nice size and pleasant studio space! Thanks for the tour.

  50. What a wonderful space you have. It is so organized. I love my books too.

    I like what you said about liking to organize-sounds just like me. I've seen so many great ideas in all the bloggers spaces.

  51. love your space and all your drawer units i love fun drawer units and want more of them to hold my supplies thanks so much for sharing

  52. Thank you so much to all of you for visiting and leaving your wonderful comments! It's so much fun to read them all. I'm still trying to visit everyone bit by bit.

  53. Wow, a studio on the lake--aren't you lucky! I'm amazed at all your organization and all those work stations. It was cool to see some of your pressed flowers and supplies as well as finished projects and the lovely paintings on the sidebar. Looks like you have lots to inspire your creative spirit. :D

  54. What a great studio! And on a lake - oh my! I love that file cabinet with shallow drawers. What a find! I did see some coke cases when I was at an antique store yesterday. I may have to go back and pick one up! Thanks for the tour.

  55. Wow thats some studio (inspiration for sure... now if I could only add windows over looking a lake in mine, well that would be just the cherry on top)... I just found your blog (Im cathing up to "where bloggers create" and Blog Hop, and you are in both : )

    Will have to explore your blog more, like what I have seen so far.

    Cheers from a fellow Cad


  56. I love your studio and all the creative ways you've devised to store all your items and supplies. You have some beautiful pieces for storage and display. I'll come back to go over the details in your photos and perhaps be able to find ideas I can use too. Thank you for sharing your personal space with all of us. I agree with everyone else too, your view is fantastic!

  57. Thanks for coming by and leaving comments. I have to remind myself to check in here more often!


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