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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Digital printing on handmade paper

My friend's daughter had a baby so I used my new digital grounds and mediums to create some artwork for her little grandson.  I love the Golden Digital Grounds.  I used the Digital Ground for Non-Porous Surfaces on the steam locomotive piece I did here.  For this project I used the one for porous surfaces since I was using my handmade papers.

I first prepared the papers by brushing on digital ground and letting it dry.  Then I printed my photos onto the prepared pure stinging nettle paper using a regular inkjet printer.  I glued more handmade paper (a mixed fibre and recycled paper blend) onto the 6x6 cradled boards with matte medium and then glued the photos onto the papered boards after the ink on the photos had dried.  I finished both pieces with  Golden Gel Topcoat  in a semi-gloss finish with a UV protector.  The lighter paper was good for printing the photo but next time I think I would use a darker paper for the background.

I'm looking forward to mounting some of my flower photographs using these same techniques.  I'm trying to take some of my flower photos with a light background so that more of the handmade paper shows through in the printing.  Lots of fun to come!


  1. Liz, these are awesome, I've never tried the digital grounds, want to and the more I see art created using it, the more I'm convinced I should buy some and quit putting it off. I did not realize there were 2 types, for pourous and non-pourous, which do you like working with more? Or do you have a preferrence?

  2. Pat, the non-porous ground works over surfaces like the gel crackle medium I used on the locomotive piece - anything slick that the printing ink wouldn't normally adhere to (printing on aluminum foil for instance). The regular digital ground works on surfaces that would normally be too absorbant such has hand made paper, wood, etc. So my preference would depend entirely on the type of surface I want to print to.

  3. Hi Liz, fantastic pieces! I have the digital grounds, just wasn't sure what to do with it - now I know! Thanks!

  4. Liz, these are wonderful! So creative and original. I keep hearing about digital grounds but didn't know how to use it...thank you!

  5. Very cool project. I love golden stuff. Thanks for stop by my blog today. It put a very big smile on my face. =)

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  8. What a wonderful piece of art.It looks very beautiful.
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