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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Passing By

My lake (actually not mine alone as others do live on this lake, too) is often frozen over by this time of the year.   The ice is great for ice fishing, snowshoeing, skiing and sometimes skating.  And we get less fog when the lake is frozen.  But I love days like today when the lake is still open and the sun is shining and I walk out my door to scenes like this.
 No matter what else is going on in my life, in moments like these, I feel tremendous joy and gratitude.


  1. I love your blog header photo! Such a great photo. And this one with the swans, wonderful!


  2. I love the way sunshine brings the color out. They look like happy swans: )

  3. What a beautiful image! Your lake must be wonderful to see every morning. I love lakes, too, but I live by a lake only in the summertime, and that's still a few months ahead.

  4. thanks for the kind comments about my mom. Each day is a little easier. I just love British Columbia - love visiting, but it doesn't happen very often. Love your studio cat too!


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