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Monday, September 6, 2010

Beautiful Body Butter

This is my own special recipe for a really delightful body butter.

The ingredients can be varied according to your personal tastes and skin care requirements.  Just stick to the amount of beeswax called for and the same proportions of solids and liquids.  Add your own special blend of pure essential oils for natural fragrance and special skin care properties.

Body Butter Ingredients  (this recipe makes about 31/2 - 4 cups):

225 gm solid fats (cocoa butter, shea nut butter, mango butter, etc.)
50 gm pure natural beeswax
250 gm liquid oils (olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil - there are so many to choose from)
5 ml Vitamin E oil
Optional:  5-10 ml pure essential oils (depends on how strong you like your fragrance)

Melt your beeswax and fats (except the vit E oil and pure essential oils) together in a double boiler.  When they are melted, add the Vit E oil and pure essential oils.

Pour your melted fats into a bowl and let cool until the mix starts to solidify.  If your room is very warm, you can put the mix into the fridge.  Don't let it get too solid or you'll end up with small lumps of solid fat in your body butter.  You can always remelt and start over.

I recommend setting the bowl in a large box or plastic bin to whip so you don't get fat everywhere.  When the mix holds it's shape but the peaks aren't too stiff, spoon into containers.  Tap the container on the counter lightly to settle out air pockets.  Cover with a lid, store in a cool place, and enjoy!

Paired together with a lip balm, this makes a luxurious gift for someone special!


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