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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another new look for my blog!

As a relatively new blogger, I'm still trying to find my blogging style and my voice.   I have changed the look of my blog several times in the past three months but each time, it didn't feel right for me.

Today, on the Oh, Canada! Team forum on Etsy, Joannie, a very talented jewelry designer from Joanniel Creations, told us about some sites that offer free blog backgrounds, including The Cutest Blog on the  I loved this one so I tried it on and it fit!   Then I had to change my banner and found this photo I had taken several years ago of a feather floating on the lake in front of the house.  Perfect!

 So, I think I found the style I like for my blog but I'm still searching for my 'voice'.  I know it's here somewhere.


  1. This is perfect! I love this template. It's so elegant and it matches that leaf photo so well. I'm glad you found something you like. :)

  2. yes, your new blog look is terrific, LizAnna!!!

  3. I love this too Liz! I think it's fun to change one's blog around and tweak. Great photo!!

  4. lovin the new look Liz-Anna, one thing is constant with your blog, that it's a joy to read with beautiful I'm passing on the Kreativ Blogger award to you :-)
    :-) Vicky

  5. Hi Liz, I’m so happy you will be joining me for the Where Blogger’s Create party this year! You are going to have a great time.
    Jo is offering some great prizes isn’t she??? I’ll be in touch!!

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