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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moose Poo Paper - The Final Chapter

The moose poo paper is finished so I have started making cards for my Etsy shop.  I am using digitally altered photographs of moose that my husband and I have taken and some that have been contributed by my friends, August and Margaret Meutzner.  The photos are printed on handmade paper.  Each card varies slightly due to the type of handmade paper used for the print and the embellishments used.

The rest of the moose poo paper series can be found here:
Moose Poo Paper - Chapter One,
Moose Poo - Day Two, 
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My Moose Poo Paper is USDA approved!

My friends told me last night that they have collected 5 gallons of moose poo for me!  I haven't found much on my property this winter as it keeps getting covered with snow.  The moose have been regular visitors, though, so I'll find a lot in the spring.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.


  1. I can't wait to get my card Liz! Sooooo how does one store moose poo?

  2. this has been really interesting. I think you win any award for the most unique art supply

  3. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the series. Pat, I store the moose poo in a dry place, but in a shed rather than my studio.

  4. I am excited not only by the blog entry but waiting for the arrival of MY card!!!!Nice work!

  5. Thanks, Margarete! I hope your card arrives soon.

  6. These are really cool! I have a friend who loves all things moose, i will send her your link :)

  7. Wow, I really like your moose paper. I have had trouble printing on my textured paper and was wondering if you printed the moose paper using the digital grounds method you talk about?

  8. Absolutely awesome!
    I'm an Alaskan neighbor of yours half of the year and I'm familiar with the moose "nuggets"
    I really like the finished work here.
    xoxo Kim

  9. Do you make large pieces of paper? I wanted to maybe try painting on it.


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