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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Depth Year 2019

“Go deeper, not wider.”  These are the words of David Cain at (Getting better at being human) in his first post about doing a "Depth Year." He talks about taking a year to go deeper with what you already own or know rather than acquiring more. Check out his blog for the complete post and be inspired!

Like many creatives, I have a habit of acquiring new and shiny supplies and resources when I already own more than I can possibly use in this lifetime. So I am declaring 2019, My Depth Year. My goals for the year are to not buy any new art supplies except to replace something that I have used up, to not buy any magazines or books and to go deeper to learn from what I already own, to not add any new art or crafts, and to not buy any new beautiful journals or art papers that call to me with their beautiful pristine pages and endless possibilities!

So far I have been successful for 10 days!

This is my little art area in an alcove at the top of the stairs. I had too much stuff for it all to fit in my little garden shed jewelry studio so I had to create a space for it in my house.

I love that everything is within easy reach. I'm excited to start going through my books and exploring neglected techniques and supplies.

Last January I took a free online boot camp called Jewelry Brand Makeover to help me figure out the direction I wanted to take my jewelry business. Flourish and Thrive Academy teaches jewelry designers and makers about growing a jewelry business. I went on to take their Laying the Foundation course, too. I learned a lot in both the free boot camp and the paid course and came away with so much information to use in my own business.

Now that I'm retired from my "day job", I am ready to explore further, to go deeper, in my jewelry business. I have so many decisions to make and I'm hoping to get the clarity I need by taking this year's boot camp called Jewelry Brand Marketing Hub as well as revisiting Laying the Foundation. If this is is something that interests you, here's the link I love how they are all about "Community Over Competition", jewelry designers helping their fellow jewelry designers.

Happy 2019 and cheers to you and meeting your goals for the year!


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  2. Hi! Is this still the place to follow you or is there a different place I should look? I like to make paper, too, and have been encouraged by reading about your papermaking and other artistic pursuits. ~ Joan

    1. Thanks, Joan. I do have a FB page under Rust and Bling that I am equally bad about updating. I'm not a fan of FB, though, and plan to focus more effort back to my blog so I hope to see you here again.


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