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Friday, July 29, 2011

Age and Change

Another birthday has come and gone.  Each year on my birthday I like to reflect on the year that has passed and think about what I want for my life in the coming year.

As I get older, and each year feels shorter in relation to the years I have lived, I feel a greater need to make sure that I am living the life I want.   This year I made a difficult choice that made me incredibly sad but, when I thought about how not making that choice was affecting me, I knew it was necessary.  I also started the long, slow process of clearing out clutter and organizing my life.  I crave peace and order in all areas of my life.

I had a huge yard sale and got rid of years of accumulated stuff.  I have to admit that I have regretted selling a few things but the alternative would be to hang onto everything just in case I thought I might need it someday.  I created a budget and put all of my financial paperwork in order so I know exactly how unlikely it is that I will be able to retire when I had hoped I could.  I completely reorganized my studio and reminded myself that if I would just use all my accumulated stuff to produce and sell all the art I could make with all that wonderful stuff, instead of buying more wonderful stuff, I really could retire when I hoped.

I have also discovered something about myself recently.  I need colour!  I'm ready for my 70's earth tones to take a hiatus.  So as a birthday gift to myself, I bought some bright new cushions on sale and pulled in a few other lively pieces from here and there in the house for a fresh look in my living room.

My refreshed living room
This year I plan to finish the work on my house, create art most days using what I already have, and to do my best to stay healthy.


  1. Liz, your view is Heaven on earth. What peace it must give you. Good for you for taking action and cleansing....I wish I was as strong!!

  2. What a beautiful room! The colour in the cushions and the table runner are the perfect touch.
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Hi Liz Anna -

    Taking stock of one's life can be so daunting yes? Going through this on many levels myself. But wow, when you decide to ACT on what you're learning about yourself? AMAZING things happen!

    I found your site the other day while searching for recipes. (I'm trying your recommended body butter ratios tonight with my own concoction... fun!)

    Anyway, I'm in Alberta so not toooo far from you. I was drawn in by your earthy creativity both with the paper/paint mediums and the bath and body goodies (I make soap too).

    I hope you keep blogging and sharing your art and your personal reflections. Delightfully REAL and refreshing.

    Take good care,

  4. Love the refreshing living area and the big windows and Your studio!!!:O) Such creative spaces:O) Thanks for sharing:O)

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day. Love the room and the view is awesome.

  6. Thank you! I hope your body butter is a success, Karri!


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