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Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm so lucky!

I wonder how many hours I have spent searching for good luck in a four-leaf clover since I was a child?  Or wished on a wishbone and birthday candles?  And how many pennies have I picked up while reciting, "Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck?"

As I wandered around outside today, looking for leaves for printmaking, I started looking for one of those lucky four-leaf clovers.  Within minutes, I found not just one, but a whole plant of four- and five-leaf clovers!  What a treasure trove of good luck!  Yahoo...lottery!
But as I stood there, clutching my handful of good luck, I looked around me at my home and my beautiful lake with water so clean that I drink from it every day, and thought, here is my lottery!  I have all the good luck anyone could hope for.  It's in my family, my friends, and my home.  It's being born in a country that isn't torn by war and a life that isn't defined by poverty.  It's having the freedom to say what I want to say and to go where I choose to go.

Lucky, lucky me!


  1. a whole plant of 4 leaf clovers? that's quite the find!
    I see you are in BC, so I can totally understand you feeling you are already lucky. I've been there once, and thought it was so beautiful, I wouldn't mind retiring there. Mountains, water, trees, what more could you want, lol?

  2. What a lucky find! Wow! And the card you made with the 4 leaf clover...super-cute!


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