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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Getting Ready for 2022

 I can’t believe it’s almost 2022! 

I am getting excited to spend more time in my tiny upstairs art nook playing with my accumulation of  fun supplies. As much as I love creating and selling my jewelry, I’m missing painting and drawing and exploring new art techniques. 

As I prepare my bullet journal for 2022, I’m working out plans to stay motivated and productive in both my jewelry and my art. Most of all, I want to keep it all fun and exciting!

I just spent the last few days re-organizing my art space so I thought I would share the results with you. It’s just a 5x8 ft alcove at the top of the stairs but despite the small size, I have managed to create a space for dozens of different art mediums.

This is my little art nook - view from the top of the stairs.

I love using old or handmade containers in my studio, especially if they come from friends and family. I bought this old walnut dental cabinet at a local antique store.

The shallow drawers in this dental unit are perfect for all kinds of supplies

This piece, made from old barn board, holds a lot of supplies and gives me some extra space on top to spread out.
More storage on the wall in front of my 30.  40” antique work table, a peg board system from IKEA. The table legs are on risers so an IKEA Alex drawer unit fits underneath to store all kinds of art papers and printing supplies. Canvases are also stored under the table.

I hope this has given you some ideas for your own art studio, particularly if your space is small, like mine.


  1. Wow, Liz, you've done a fabulous job of utilizing your space. I have a 10x12 that is not as organized as your studio!!---Pat

    1. Thanks, Pat! It is constantly evolving but I think I enjoy organizing my art stuff almost as much as I enjoy using it.


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